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Latin America

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  1. Ancient Maya World Map 1989

    Explore the fascinating world of the Maya with this map published in October 1989. This map accompanied the "Land of the Maya" map in the same issue and three articles on the Maya including "La Ruta Maya.
    Starting at $29.95
  2. Baja Mexico Wall Map

    Introducing the Baja Peninsula Wall Map. This incredibly beautiful map shows the Baja in it's entirety with shaded relief land and a bathymetric map of the surrounding ocean. Loaded with place names this map is highly detailed with up-to-date accuracy.
    Starting at $89.99
  3. Birds Eye View Of The Panama Canal Map 1912

    Published in February 1912 two years before the Panama Canal opened, this stunning relief map-painting illustrates the Panama railroad, locks, breakwater, and other details of the region. One of the largest engineering projects ever undertaken, the canal had an enormous impact on shipping, creating a vital passage.
    Starting at $14.95
  4. Brazil Wall Map

    This map of the South American country of Brazil highlights the 26 states plus the Federal District that form the republic. State capitals and the national capital are also shown.
    Starting at $19.95
  5. Costa Rica Adventure Travel Map

    An intimate introduction to Costa Rica, this two-sided, full-color map by National Geographic is a richly detailed rendering of one of Central America's greatest treasures. From its northern savannahs and plains to lush forests and pristine jungle-lined beaches, Costa Rica's beauty and diversity beckon!
  6. Costa Rica Wall Map

    Introducing the Costa Rica travel guide wall map showing things to do and places to see. Beautifully illustrated with subtle hues, the detail is legible with international and provincial borders clearly defined. Adventure activities are shown with colorful icons.
    Starting at $89.99
  7. Deluxe Mexico Wall Map in Spanish

    Entirely in Spanish!
    Introducing the Mexico Deluxe Wall Map. Only sold here, this map of Mexico is not only useful, but aesthetically pleasing as well. The bold colors used to delineate the Mexican states allow for the subtle shaded relief to be clearly visible.
  8. Executive South America , Political Wall Map

    With its antique-style muted tones, it looks simply stunning and rather elegant. North America Map details: Splendid premium wall map of South America in muted tones. Maps International's Executive South America political wall map shows all countries in South America from Venezuela and the Grenadine Islands down to Argentina and the most Southerly points of Chile and the Falkland Islands. One of the finest maps money can buy! Features countries marked in different colors, with international borders clearly shown. This premium wall map of South America is available in a mounted walnut style frame. Map uses: Perfect for adding an exclusive feel to a boardroom or office. This map of South America also adds a touch of luxury hung in the home, ideal for the more discerning customer. This Extra Large Executive South America Political Wall Map is offered in a range of finishes - choose from the variation options above.
    Starting at $51.00
  9. Land Of The Maya Map 1989

    Half of a two-map set published in October 1989, this map accompanies the "Ancient Maya World" map. It features an abundance of historical notes about Mayan cities and their locations, and shows national parks and other preserved areas where one can explore the remains of this great civilization.
  10. Latin America Map

    Not available in any store!'s large format laminated Latin America wall map is ideal for the classroom or anyone looking for a great Latin America map.
    Starting at $59.00
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