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If you enjoy a challenge from time to time, then our puzzle maps might be what you’re looking for. Each of our puzzle maps consists of 500 jigsaw pieces. Assemble them by yourself for a moment of quiet and calm, or work as part of a group. However you prefer to approach your puzzles, these maps are fun and interactive with a rewarding result for your efforts.

We offer puzzle maps of the USA, the world, and even the solar system! Each of our puzzle maps is easily transportable. Work on your puzzle map at home, while on vacation, or pretty much anywhere you like.

When your map is complete, you can leave it assembled and perhaps frame it to show your friends, family, or colleagues. Alternatively, you can take it apart to be enjoyed again. Or pass it on to another map or puzzle enthusiast. 

Whether you’re purchasing a puzzle map for your children or yourself, we have a range of challenging puzzles in addition to easier puzzles that are ideal for kids. Any one of them can be used as a fun family activity or as an educational tool for students.

Challenge your brain while creating a beautiful and colorful map of aspects of our world.

Browse our collection of jigsaw maps today. You might soon be working on your new puzzle and work of art!

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