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Wildfire Maps

The 2021 wildfire season in the U.S. is expected to be significant, especially in western states. Below, we’ve collected a few wildfire and smoke maps to help you stay informed this wildfire season.

Cal Fire

California map showing active fires and their containment levels 

Wildfire Public Information Map by Esri

Map showing the size of active wildfires, USA weather watches and warnings, and current perimeters

Fire Weather & Avalanche Center

Map of active and contained fires that shows size, exact location, fuels, and fire growth potential 

Air Quality

Air quality according to zip code  

Fire and Smoke Map

Map of fires and smoke reach 

Learn more about wildfires

Last year, wildfires destroyed the state of California.

Learn more about what being a firefighter is like, and what you can do to prevent wildfires, in this StoryMap.

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