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The Colorado Springs Gazette

The Colorado Springs Gazette uses the Open House locator map from Classified Concepts as a cornerstone of their strategy to keep their classified sections rich and their real estate advertisers engaged. They publish the Open House map and directory every weekend in print and online — and yes, they even have their own mobile application.



The Gazette packages their open house rates to ensure the critical mass that is necessary to be THE destination for open houses in their market. Promotion is a key component of their success. They promote heavily in paper, online, and via social media. The Gazette understands the importance of mobile, and specifically mobile applications. That for the first time ever, consumers are spending more time engrossed in mobile apps than they are browsing the web on their mobile phones and desktop PC’s. Users love the fact that they can view all listings on a map, or from a list. They can setup alerts to be notified when a new listing meets search preferences; and even peruse photos and multi-stop driving directions.

The Gazette has done a great job of incorporating both Real Estate Agents as well as New Home Builders into their Open House program; providing readers with the most robust inventory and information in their market. Agents love it, Builders love it, Readers love it; and best of all, the Gazette sees a minimum of 25% ROI on their program each year!

Our partnership with Classified Concepts is really a no-brainer. We achieve the ROI necessary to truly call this program a success. The mapping technology Classified Concepts offers is very diverse; available in print, online and mobile. Nobody else can provide an interactive experience for readers and advertisers like Classified Concepts can.

Michelle Ackerman, Classified Advertising Director, The Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO

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