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The Pittsburgh Tribune / Trib Total Media

The Pittsburgh Tribune/Trib Total Media is Pittsburgh’s largest media outlet. Their audience spans across 6 daily newspapers, nearly 70 weekly shoppers, 22 community publications, various magazines, and a multitude of thriving digital platforms. Needless to say, the Tribune understands the need to serve their audience meaningful information in many different ways.



TTM partnered with Classified Concepts because they wanted to expand on a category still owned by newspapers. Garage Sales. They knew that like their other products, garage sales needed to be available to readers in print, online and mobile. The Tribune went from selling their print and online package for $30, to upping the price due to an increase in value to $35. The package now includes print, online and a mobile application. Both digital features are chock-full of value for readers and advertisers alike; with an interactive map, easy to use driving directions, sharing components, premium ad space, and more! With the $35 package advertisers can choose to run in 10 Pennysaver issues and one daily publication of their choice.

TTM believes that they must build the critical mass necessary in order to be THE destination for garage sales in their market.

Within one month of launching their garage sale program, the Tribune saw an increase of 18% in total revenue when compared to the year prior. They see an average of $4000 in new revenue each month!

Success like this doesn’t happen without proper promotion; they ran ads announcing the new map for the first month, followed by continuous marketing in print, online and via social media outlets. They even run a tutorial online to educate readers of the new and enhanced features. It’s no wonder they’re doing so well!

The success of the program is largely due to the fact that we offer the package as an automatic buy…We all feel very comfortable with our partnership with Classified Concepts. A third party company can sometimes be difficult, but the transition was quick and we’re very pleased to be reaping the benefits of a high ROI so quickly. In addition, it’s nice to get compliments from advertisers and readers on the program.

Danielle Forbes, Assistant Sales Manager, Pittsburgh Tribune / Trib Total Media

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