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Drive Readers Directly to your Advertisers’ Local Open Houses

There’s only one thing in Real Estate that’s more important than location. And that’s location. Our Open House Locators make your paper the timeliest source for real estate information.

How It Works

Our print, online, and mobile services allow you to offer advertisers a wide range of products to get traffic to their event. We accept frequent feed updates in an effort to keep your listings current and readers happy.


Locator maps showcase your listings while providing premium advertising space on and around the map. Amazing value for sponsors and advertisers alike = high ROI. Direct readers to your online and mobile services too!


Our newspaper-branded online map locator remembers users’ searches, allowing them to easily peruse listings that give them the ability to view pictures, share listings, and get driving directions with route optimization. We offer multiple click-thru premium and featured ad options.


Our online locator map is optimized for mobile so your users can take the map on the go!

How it Benefits You:

Your paper capitalizes on this by selling premium ad space on and around these highly trafficked print, online, and mobile products.

Explore the Case Studies

Santa Barbara News Press

The Napa Valley Register

The Missoulian

“What I liked most about the program was the ease of execution on a weekly basis. The final product, which includes a locator map, line directory, photo-gallery of listings with ‘text for more info’ feature, and corresponding online component are fantastic for our clients, and more importantly our readers.

“Realtors have informed us on many occasions that individuals have commented to them when visiting an open house about how great the program is. Many open house shoppers have downloaded the app on their smart phones, which is a feature that really puts the newspaper at the forefront of the technological movement!”

- Ryan Brosseau, Advertising Manager

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