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Educational Publishing

Creating high quality publishing materials for educational markets including
print maps for textbooks, interactive maps, software development,
white-label software, atlas development, and academic content creation.

Publishers & Content Providers

To find out how the experts at can assist you, please contact us today.

Maps for Textbooks is a leader in academic and institutional cartographic design and creation. Our work fuels creativity and engagement in textbooks ranging from the world’s largest publishers, down to the school and classroom level.

Interactive Maps

Make your maps come alive by taking advantage of our interactive suite of products. When a map is engaged with, geography comes to life and learning happens in real time.

Software Development developed and manages, a fully interactive educational SaaS platform that holds the gold-standard in its class. We encourage you to dive into our platform and explore how our software can drive your education needs.

White-label Software

Work with the specialists at to take one of our products and help us re-brand it as your own. If you’re looking for a high-end software experience, we can deliver a branded platform in a fraction of the time it would take to build from scratch.

Atlas Development has a rich library of educational atlases. Use them as-is or work with our team to create a customized atlas that is designed specifically for you.

Academic Content Creation

Thinking about creating your own academic content and don’t really know where to start? has the team to help you on the road to creating your own custom content.