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"Maps 101 is the easiest way to ensure teachers and students have a firm understanding of the world today. It is an essential part of my classroom.”


Maps101 offers a vast, curated collection of engaging, standards-aligned, visually impactful resources to help them succeed on the path to learning. For almost 30 years, we’ve been designing maps for major textbook publishers and providing digital resources for the classroom. We take complex data and information, curate it by experts in their field, and deliver visual content for use in the classroom.

Content Appetizers

Every K-12 classroom can benefit from Maps101!

Enjoy a peek into a few representative pieces from our collection of over 10,000 resources and 4,500+ maps!

Geography News Network™

The Geography News Network™ is the place to go for current events in context of geography; everything happens somewhere! K-12 friendly articles give up to date context to contemporary affairs.

Esri GeoInquiries™

A great source of DBQ practice and lesson plans with advanced mapping technology from Esri. Helps in developing mapping skills, critical-thinking skills, and technical proficiency.


Over 4500 maps created by a professional team of cartographers. Don’t waste your time searching the internet for the perfect map—we have you covered!


We all know learning through play is highly effective. Maps101 facilitates deep learning through interactive games!

Field Trip Library™

Makes learning fun. Through text, visuals, and a locator map, Field Trip Library gives students consistent, repeated exposure to location and helps to build background knowledge, develop visual literacy, and hone critical-thinking skills.

Lesson Maps

Our Lesson Maps™ are so much more than a lesson plan. Dynamic, interactive content that supports student-guided discovery as well as direct instruction.

Interactive Lessons

Maps101 GeoQuests are specific to each state and tied to state standards. They are designed to be fast and easy-to-use instructional resources that incorporate advanced web mapping technology from Esri.


Help your students learn about important people in history, science, literature, arts, and sports. Provides extended-learning questions to reinforce comprehension, vocabulary, and critical-thinking skills.


Our reference atlas is full of facts and statistics about the world our students live in. We believe when students understand the world they live in, they are in a better position to change it for the better.

Find out for yourself what Maps101 can do for your classroom!

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