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Atlas of American History by Rand McNally
SKU: ATL10001
Atlas of American History by Rand McNally

Atlas of American History by Rand McNally

SKU: ATL10001

The Atlas of American History tells the story of America from the "Age of Discovery" to the present. Organized by historical periods, the atlas features more than 80 colorful maps as well as timelines, graphs, charts, and photos.

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Rand McNally's Atlas of American History is a great intermediate history atlas geared for 5th-12th grade students and beyond.

Our colorful, engaging maps illustrate key events in U.S. history such as Westward Expansion in the early 1800s and much more.

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Atlas features:

  • Organized by important periods of American history
  • More than 80 colorful maps illustrating key events and eras, from routes of the first Americans through life in the United States today
  • Chronologies, graphs, charts, and photos for each of eight historical periods
  • Tables of facts about states
  • Geared for students in 5th-12th grades
  • 80 pages (including detailed index), paperback, 8" x 10"
Geography United States
Geotype Country
Publisher Rand McNally
Usage Type Classroom Maps