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Physical Map of the World - Elevation
SKU: mdc10002
Physical Map of the World - Elevation

Physical Map of the World - Elevation

SKU: mdc10002's World Physical Map-Elevation shows, by means of color and shading, the lay of the land across our planet. The flat plains of the central US are displayed in stark contrast to the Rockies, and the Himalaya shows even greater height. At a glance, young students will be able to understand the terrain of different regions of the world. As an aid to orientation, country boundaries are shown in subtle white lines, but the emphasis of this map is its physical structure: a view of the planetary surface. The map is also packed with labels naming mountain peaks and their heights, deserts, rivers, and geographic region names. The detail extends offshore as well, noting many ridges, trenches, and basins found on the ocean floor. This gorgeous wall map is a geographer's delight, sure to provide hours of discovery and learning.

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For the person who wants to see the world's peaks and valleys, this is the map that delivers. has created this elevation-focused depiction as a useful reference for those who wish to know where the world's major physical features lie.
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