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Benchmark Atlases

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  1. Yosemite National Park Map

    Yosemite National Park Map

    Domes and spires soar thousands of feet above the floor of Yosemite Valley while some of the world's highest waterfalls plunge over its cliffs. Make the most of your trip to Yosemite with this 3-in-1 map that features a regional map of the central Sierras, an enlarged map of Yosemite Park, and a magnified view of Yosemite Valley. Includes a Recreation Guide and index.
  2. New Mexico Road and Recreation Atlas

    Our new 9th EDITION New Mexico Road & Recreation Atlas has arrived!

    Our newly revised and completely updated New Mexico Road and Recreation Atlas and Folded Map are available to help guide you on your next trip to the southwest.  9th ed. 2018  ISBN 978-0-929591-56-8

    Our maps of New Mexico are field checked for accuracy, and feature all of the important outdoor recreation categories and cultural interests.

    • Highways of the Western U.S. and New Mexico (Route 66, I40, I25, I10)
    • Recreation and Public Lands Detail
    • Highly Detailed Landscape Maps
    • Index of counties, cities, parks, mountains, lakes & rivers.
    • Albuquerque Map, Santa Fe Map, Taos Map
    • GPS Grid
  3. Nevada Road and Recreation Atlas

    Our new 6TH EDITION Nevada Road & Recreation Atlas has arrived!

    Nevada has long been known as the wildest adventure state in the lower 48, and this atlas is the first atlas to fully corral all of its marvels and outdoor potential. Careful and thorough field checking and local research assure users the best Nevada outdoor experience possible. Recreation maps show hunting units and public lands, emphasizing historic trails and points of interest.

  4. Oregon Road and Recreation Atlas

    Our new 8TH EDITION Oregon Road & Recreation Atlas has arrived!

    Oregonians love their state, Benchmark's home state, and they love this atlas. They rave about how clearly it maps the roads - ALL of them - and its accuracy, page overlap, and how easy it is to find landmarks. The Landscape Maps in the latest edition are dramatically improved, with better terrain clarity and detail.

  5. Utah Road and Recreation Atlas

    Utah is well established as a recreation playground, from world-class skiing in the north to 5 amazing national parks in the south. This 2017 Utah atlas is designed to help locals and visitors make the most of the wealth of attractions that Utah has to offer. You'll find hundreds of recreation sites, fishing spots, and hunting areas as well as a myriad of parks, natural wonders, and historic sites dotted across the state. Our Landscape Maps show all drive-able Utah roads, classed by surface and purpose, and hundreds of campgrounds and recreation access points.

  6. Washington Road and Recreation Atlas

    First impressions of Washington–The Evergreen State–are those of verdant foliage, huge trees, and luxurious greenness. Its lasting impressions though, are of proud, snow-capped mountains, frosty-jade rivers, sapphire lakes, and wonderful scenic panoramas. Benchmark’s Washington Road & Recreation Atlas is the one guide needed to explore every corner of this magnificent state.

  7. Colorado Road and Recreation Atlas

    New 6th Edition 2018!

    New features include:

    • Full fact-check on the recreation and index listings (thousands of updates since 2015)
    • Landscape Maps include new US Forest Service land ownership with private land in-holdings.
    • Regional map of Colorado's famed "14ers" (peaks above 14,000 feet) with elevation rankings and nearby trails and snow parks.
    • Updated Denver metro maps with new light rail lines.
  8. Idaho Road and Recreation Atlas

    Completely updated for 2019! Benchmark’s field-checked Landscape Maps™ now show ground-cover detail at a very high resolution, now with BLM/State land overlay. US Forest Service areas now show private inholding boundaries.  This feature is ideal for the person who wants to know the most about an area before visiting.

  9. Montana Road and Recreation Atlas

    Benchmark field-checkers drove thousands of miles to make sure the Montana Road & Recreation Atlas is the most accurate, comprehensive, and reliable map product ever published for Big  Sky Country.

  10. Wyoming Road and Recreation Atlas

    Wyoming is the heart of the American West. Experience the wild spirit of Wyoming with Benchmark''s Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas. No other map product can better portray Wyoming''s rugged, sky-scraping peaks, or the vast openness where the deer and the antelope really do play!

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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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