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Michelin - David Medeiros - Mappalachia - Wellingtons

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  1. World with Flags Travel Map

    Explore the World with this World Political Map. The world is a big place, and Michelin has been mapping it for a long time.
  2. Michelin World with flags Wall Map

    The World is a big place and Michelin has been mapping it for along time. This World map is colorful and also contains political information. The top and bottom map borders are beautifully adorned with state flags and some basic statistics.
    Starting at $19.95
  3. Grand Map Of The World

    This hand-drawn, explorer map took over three years to produce and depicts the modern world with old-fashioned 17th century charm. Based on the familiar Robinson projection, Grand Map of the World is exceptionally detailed and replete with natural and man-made landmarks, peoples and cultures, wildlife, vegetation, ships, and mythical sea creatures. With hints of what one might find in each country, chronicles of the greatest adventurers in history, people in traditional dress, and interesting travel times, this map is a constant invitation to set off for new lands. Printed on high quality canvas or paper, this map is suitable for framing and comes rolled in a tube.
    Starting at $29.99
  4. Isochronic World Map

    Based on Rome2rio's routing engine, this isochronic map beautifully illustrates travel distances from London to anywhere in the world in a given amount of time in the year 2016. The miniature accompanying map of world travel times in 1914 provides a thoughtful contrast.
    Starting at $69.99
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4 Item(s)