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Olason Cartographic Artistry - State - Region - World Maps

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  1. United Kingdom Wall Map

    This Wall Map of the United Kingdom is richly colored and in atlas style which shows portions of neighboring countries. This map is the perfect addition to any type of publication, and also serves as a beautiful wall map for British businesses and families.
  2. Lummi Island Cartographic Wall Art Map

    "Beautiful and fascinating, this unique map of Lummi Island located in far northwest Washington State can take you on a journey without your ever having to leave your home. Lummi Island is best known for its unique reefnet salmon fishery, eclectic population of artists, picturesque seascapes, and rural setting. Its narrow, scenic and winding roads are popular with cyclists. This map is created by a local cartographic artist in an antique vintage style using subdued colors giving it a sophisticated old-world appearance. Illustrations are individually created then collaged onto the map. This would be a perfect birthday gift, a gift to someone who loves to travel or a treat for yourself. Whether you are planning a dream trip or just like to daydream, this map can help you do both. "
    Starting at $65.00
  3. Illustrated Old World Style Komodo National Park

    This map of Komodo and Rinca Islands, located in Indonesia, can take you on a journey without your having to leave your home. Based on the latest GIS data, this map is a one of a kind work of art, created by a cartographic artist using a soothing color palette reminiscent of maps of old. Komodo and Rinca are two of the 17,508 islands that compose the Republic of Indonesia. The island is particularly notable as the habitat of the Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard on earth. This map of the Indonesian Islands of Komodo and RInca is illustrated with original artwork portraying the famous Komodo Dragons. Beautiful and fascinating, this map is unique combination of reference tool and work of art. Makes the perfect gift for travelers, family and friends.
    Starting at $65.00
  4. Oahu Hawaii Watercolor Style Wall Map

    This bold map of Oahu is hand rendered with subtle flowing muted tones in the style of a watercolor painting making it the perfect piece of artwork for most any room.
    Starting at $29.00
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4 Item(s)