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University of Hawaii Press - Alfons Van Hoof, Mercator Productions - Geography and Environmental Systems, UMBC - IDV Solutions

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  1. Samoa Island Travel Map

    The beauty of the Five-O state is expertly displayed by the University of Hawaii Press maps. With heavy emphasis on road, relief, and place-names, these maps are unsurpassed for accuracy and usefulness. Each map fully covers a specific island.
  2. Anthropogenic Biomes of the World

    Anthropogenic biomes, also known as anthromes or human biomes, describe the terrestrial biosphere in its contemporary, human-altered form using global ecosystem units defined by global patterns of sustained direct human interaction with ecosystems, offering a new way forward for ecological research and education.
  3. Maldives Resort Wall Map

    This one of a kind detailed and geographically correct map of the Maldives, includes inhabited islands, uninhabited islands and tourist resort islands. Also includes distance circles from Male airport. Atoll relief is also represented in detail. The whole archipelago of the Maldives is represented, including the islands below the equator.
  4. Ladakh, India Wall Map

    Introducing the most detailed travel map for Ladakh available -Unparalleled for an area with nearly no existing maps. Covers the whole of Ladakh (including Nubra and Zanskar), in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. All Tibetan Buddhist temples are clearly indicated.
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  5. Spiti Valley, India

    This detailed map of Spiti Valley, India and its surroundings (Pin, Lingti) indicates trekking trails and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. The coverage area is Spiti Valley from Batal in Lahaul up to Khab in Kinnaur.
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5 Item(s)