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  1. Supreme Dot-to-Dot Coloring by Rand McNally

    "Enter the newest trend in creative relaxation! Rand McNally's travel experts have selected more than 30 of the world's greatest sites to feature in Supreme Dot-to-Dot. With an average of 850 dots per illustration, the intricate puzzles will challenge and engage the mind and at the same time sharpen hand-eye coordination. With this book, the journey is as exciting and fun as the destination!
  2. Scratch Advent Calendar by Maps International Ltd.

    "The Advent Calendar features an illustrated map of Santa's Grotto, with 25 foil squares hiding parts of the scene that children can excitedly scratch off in the countdown to Christmas! Once scratched, the child has a magical poster of Santa's Grotto that can be used year after year!
  3. Scratch Off Alpine Climbs map by Maps International Ltd.

    "Set your sights on a new climbing challenge, with the Scratch Off Alpine Climbs map print! This map details the 265 major peaks that are over 3000m in height, scattered across the Alps. Moving through 4 countries, you can document your climbs by scratching off the foil for every peak, to reveal a color. The Scratch Off Alpine Climbs map print is an inspired gift for avid climbers and will guarantee to take their breath way, much like their views from the top of every peak they climb. Simply pick a peak and get scratching!
  4. Collect and Scratch, USA Golf by Maps International Ltd.

    Collect the golf courses, scratch off the map. An inspired fun gift! This Collect and Scratch print shows our selection of 150 Golf Courses in the USA including one in each state, each one is located with a golf tee icon.
  5. My First Atlas by MapXL

    Written in easily understandable language, My First Atlas explains basic concepts of Geography, with the help of colorful illustrations and maps. This fun and informative book introduces young readers to the Solar System, Planet Earth, landforms, continents, and countries. Its easy-to-understand visuals include informative maps of continents and 10 major countries, and images of famous landmarks. My First Atlas will appeal to children, parents, and teachers worldwide.

    With My First Atlas, children can Discover the Solar System, continents and countries; Find out about the capitals, currencies, and flags of the world's leading countries; Recognize famous landmarks; and explore the world around them. Packed with fun and learning, My First Atlas is a great way to introduce a child to our wonderful world!

  6. Collect and Scratch, USA Skiing by Maps International Ltd.

    Ride the slopes, scratch off the map. An inspired fun gift! The USA Ski Resorts shows our list of 105 of the best ski resorts in the USA, showing the percentage of runs and the grades each resort offers. We have also shown the distance you can ski in each one as well as the altitude of the resorts.
  7. Geography and Maps Activities (Intermediate: Ages 9+) by Rand McNally

    Action and adventure accompany geographers on their journey around the world with this fantastic activity book. Schoolhouse's Intermediate Geography & Map Activities workbook uses a fun action heroes format to help kids expand their knowledge of world geography.

  8. Geography and Maps Activities (Beginner: Ages 6+) by Rand McNally

    Big, bright illustrations make finding information fun and easy for your geographers. Schoolhouse's Beginner Geography & Map Activities workbook is the perfect tool for introducing kids to geography and basic map and globe skills through hands-on activities.

  9. Collect and Scratch - Rocky Mountain Peaks by Maps International Ltd.

    Scratch off The Rockies as you climb them. Keep your running total too. Happy climbing! This Collect and Scratch print shows 147 of the major mountain peaks in the Rocky Mountain range including their heights, covered by a scratch-off latex. This allows you to document each one you have climbed by scratching off the foil to reveal some color underneath. Also featured on the map is a tally that you can scratch off as you go along so you can see how many more you need to climb.
  10. Beautiful Cities Coloring Book by Rand McNally

    Rand McNally's travel experts selected more than 60 of the world's greatest metropolises from Buenos Aires to Paris to Marrakech to feature in the Beautiful Cities collection. The sophisticated, ready-to-color illustrations include lively street scenes, whimsical maps, culture-inspired patterns, and architectural icons that will nurture meditative coloring on a creative journey around the globe.

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