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  1. Replogle Obelisk Globe

    Replogle Obelisk Globe, is a work of art. Standing 38: tall and features a 16" antique ocean globe. Political map theme with raised relief detail creates style and elegance. Beautifully crafted, mounted on a two tone cherry and maple finished wood stand.
  2. Replogle Regency Globe

    Replogle Regency Globe, at Beautiful floor standing model, features a 16" antique ocean globe, raised relief, with political map theme. Decorator solid walnut finished wood stand and full swing meridian. Overall dimensions are approximately 39"h x 24"w x 24"d.
  3. Replogle Sherbrooke II Globe

    Replogle, Sherbrooke II Globe, Model 22716. Decorative 16" pedestal Globe perfect for you home or office, with rich detail and ornate compass roses. Beautifully crafted pedestal in solid wood cherry finish with brass claw feet stands 43" tall.
  4. Atlantis Globe

    The Atlantis is a unique 12" aqua-colored "Physical" world globe that shows both raised and indented relief. Land areas are shown in true-to-life color to illustrate mountains, deserts, forests and grasslands. Oceans show undersea physical features ridges in rich coloring.
  5. Cambridge Globe

    The graceful style and antique luster of the Cambridge's Gyro-matic assembly present a pleasing contrast to the substantial beauty of its rich hardwood stand. Available here in antique walnut finish. The 16" raised relief world globe ball features an antique style map and delicate design details.
  6. Pioneer Globe

    The sturdy Pioneer is a terrific globe for students and teachers. The 12" blue ocean globe has gyro-matic mounting which swings up or down to bring any area into closer view. Countries are highlighted using vivid colors and mountains are shown in raised relief.
  7. Marin Globe

    A contemporary interpretation of a classic design, the Marin world globe is uniquely handcrafted from wrought iron with a rustic textured finish. The distinctive stand (39 inches tall) beautifully spotlights the 16" raised relief parchment ocean world globe with an antique brass-plated meridian.


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  8. Livingston Globe

    The Livingston features a 12" blue ocean, raised relief, illuminated globe ball. The two-way world globe provides a standard view of the physical world or an illuminated display of the political world. The globe sits on a traditional hardwood base with die-cast semi-meridian.
  9. Carlyle Globe

    All the most sought after features: The Carlyle features a 12", antique-style, raised relief world globe ball that has the added benefit of illumination. It has a simple walnut-finish hardwood base and die-cast semi meridian.
  10. Orion Antique Globe

    Constellation on Earth: The Orion world globes is a classic! A new spin on an old style with a handsome antique pewter base. This 12" globe is Illuminated, and looks sharp day or night.


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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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