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  1. Inflatable EarthBall

    EarthBalls make a wonderful gift for children, teens, adults...just about anyone.Featuring the latest generation of NASA satellite imagery printed directly onto the globe's surface, Inflatable EarthBalls are the most visually authentic world globes available anywhere.
  2. Atlantis Globe

    The Atlantis is a unique 12" aqua-colored "Physical" world globe that shows both raised and indented relief. Land areas are shown in true-to-life color to illustrate mountains, deserts, forests and grasslands. Oceans show undersea physical features ridges in rich coloring.
  3. Livingston Globe

    The Livingston features a 12" blue ocean, raised relief, illuminated globe ball. The two-way world globe provides a standard view of the physical world or an illuminated display of the political world. The globe sits on a traditional hardwood base with die-cast semi-meridian.
  4. Carlyle Globe

    All the most sought after features: The Carlyle features a 12", antique-style, raised relief world globe ball that has the added benefit of illumination. It has a simple walnut-finish hardwood base and die-cast semi meridian.
  5. Piedmont Globe

    The Piedmont world globe uses a successful blend of an antique raised relief 12" globe ball, attractive solid hardwood base, and painted die-cast semi meridian make this globe a perfect choice for any setting. The Rosewood base finish reinforces this model's versatility.
  6. Pioneer Globe

    The sturdy Pioneer is a terrific globe for students and teachers. The 12" blue ocean globe has gyro-matic mounting which swings up or down to bring any area into closer view. Countries are highlighted using vivid colors and mountains are shown in raised relief.
  7. Replogle Westminister Globe

    Replogle Westminster floor standing globe. Beautifully crafted with the utmost detail, standing 39" tall x 24" wide and deep, features a 16" antique ocean globe with political map detail with raised relief. Mounted on a solid wood, cherry finish stand with full swing meridian detail creates style and function.
  8. Commander Globe II

    The Commander with it's 16" raised relief antique-style world globe features a sturdy metal base, rich walnut-finish pedestal and complementary Gyro-matic assembly. By simply removing the centerpost, it converts from a 38" high floor model to conventional table world globe.
  9. Orion Antique Globe

    Constellation on Earth: The Orion world globes is a classic! A new spin on an old style with a handsome antique pewter base. This 12" globe is Illuminated, and looks sharp day or night.
  10. Quincy Globe

    The elegant Quincy world globes features a 9" antique-style, raised relief globe ball that sits on a rich walnut-finish base. It offers today's most current placenames with interesting Old World touches and is small enough to not overwhelm a smaller table or desk.
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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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