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  1. World's Endangered Species Map

    In celebration of Earth Day, introducing's new Endangered Species Wall map, featuring "Species We Can Save with Change".

    All over the world, the lives of animals are drastically changing for a number of reasons, many of which are human-induced. As a result, more and more animals are finding themselves cornered into smaller habitats than they have ever historically occupied.

    Learn more about Earth Day and how you can help!

    Come check out our Earth Day Interactive Story Map!

    Starting at $29.95
  2. Physical Map of the World - Land Cover

    This is the world map that lets you view the planet as it might look to an astronaut on the International Space Station.'s World Physical-Land Cover map paints the landscape with colors that indicate what is—or isn't—growing on the land.
    Starting at $39.99
  3. Physical Map of the World - Elevation's World Physical Map-Elevation shows, by means of color and shading, the lay of the land across our planet. The flat plains of the central US are displayed in stark contrast to the Rockies, and the Himalaya shows even greater height. At a glance, young students will be able to understand the terrain of different regions of the world. As an aid to orientation, country boundaries are shown in subtle white lines, but the emphasis of this map is its physical structure: a view of the planetary surface. The map is also packed with labels naming mountain peaks and their heights, deserts, rivers, and geographic region names. The detail extends offshore as well, noting many ridges, trenches, and basins found on the ocean floor. This gorgeous wall map is a geographer's delight, sure to provide hours of discovery and learning.
    Starting at $39.99
  4. National Geographic Classic World Wall Map

    This Classic World Wall Map is the flagshipproduct of National Geographic Maps. Making great use of color andextensive detail for type placement to aid readability, this worldmap features the Winkel Tripel projection to reduce distortion ofland masses as they near the poles.
    Starting at $16.99
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4 Item(s)