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Caio Fernandes - NG Classic - Region

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  1. NATO Wall Map

    This map features the NATO countries: those that comprise The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The map show the included countries and their capitals as well as the dates when they entered the organization.
  2. Northern Hemisphere Map

    This colorful and unique map of the Northern Hemisphere appeared in National Geographic Magazine in February 1946 and features airline distances and U.S. air bases. European boundaries are shown as they were prior to Germany's invasion of Poland, and Russian boundaries reflect treaties and claims.
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  3. World Ocean Floor Map 1981

    This beautiful physical world map, first published in December 1981, captures the oceans and land of the Earth as only National Geographic can. Stunning relief shading accentuates the drama of the Earths underwater world.

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  4. Ruysch 1508 Map

    One of the first maps of the new world, Johannes Ruysch made this map, using a polar projection, which includes an extensive view of South America, islands of the West Indies, and a portion of North America.
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  5. Chronicon Nurembergense 1493 Map

    Originally produced only in woodcut form, the Chronicon Nurembergense Map of 1493 was published in National Geographic Magazine in April 1893, just five years after the Societys inception. This Latin version was first published in April of 1493, followed by a German version in December of the same year.
  6. Map of Discovery: Eastern Hemisphere

    This historic map of the Eastern Hemisphere simulates the illuminated mariners charts of the 17th Century. The original murals, painted by N.C. Wyeth, are in Hubbard Hall at the National Geographic Society headquarters.
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6 Item(s)